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Ricolza – top-quality rapeseed oil, sustainably produced

As well as animal feed, Ernst Rickermann Landhandel GmbH has been producing rapeseed oil since 2005. We have been successfully operating our oil mill at our Herzlake site for several years now, where we produce top-quality rapeseed oil under the brand name RICOLZA.

Climate action continues to be a very important issue for us and has prompted us to take steps to make our production of rapeseed oil sustainable. Since 2010, we have been producing our RICOLZA rapeseed oil exclusively from rape which has a sustainability certificate. In addition, alongside simple production for food and animal feed, our rapeseed oil is refined into rapeseed methyl ester in our region. This means that we can help to protect the climate, as rapeseed methyl ester accounts for the largest share of biodiesel. Thanks to this fuel alternative and the use of the rapeseed cake, which is processed further in our mixed feed plant as a feed component, sustainability comes full circle. We are also constantly looking to optimise our production processes so that we can keep Ernst Rickermann Landhandel GmbH’s carbon footprint as low as possible.

Our quality is guaranteed

Here at Ernst Rickermann Landhandel GmbH, our receipt and handling of cereals represents an important link in the feed and food production chain. Cereals are defined as food straight after harvesting. This means that measures to ensure product quality and product hygiene have to be put in place straight away.

The safety and quality of our products are our top priority, so the implementation of an effective quality assurance system is a matter of course for us. We gladly implement all the measures that are a prerequisite for certification in line with the QM (quality management) system. That is why we also maintain and update the QM standard and introduce and implement the GMP standard (Good Manufacturing Practice). This is often chosen as the benchmark in the feed industry and is regularly subject to audits.

All of Ernst Rickermann Landhandel GmbH’s currently valid certificates are listed below.