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Mixed feed solutions for successful pig fattening

For pigs, we can offer you feeding programmes tailored to the individual needs of the various life stages, from piglets to sows and fattening pigs. All feeds are carefully blended with taste and the selection of certified components in mind, and are mixed according to need. This is how we create our high-quality feeding programmes for pigs, which enhance the performance and support the well-being of your animals.

Our qualified sales staff can help you to select the right programme.

Tailor-made recipes for your strategies

As well as the complete feed programmes for fattening, we also offer our proven “Combi” supplementary feeding programme. This is specifically tailored to your farm’s own feed components to successfully support your pig production. You will receive customised recipes for your strategy as well as expert advice from us.

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Our quality is guaranteed

Here at Ernst Rickermann Landhandel GmbH, our receipt and handling of cereals represents an important link in the feed and food production chain. Cereals are defined as food straight after harvesting. This means that measures to ensure product quality and product hygiene have to be put in place straight away.

The safety and quality of our products are our top priority, so the implementation of an effective quality assurance system is a matter of course for us. We gladly implement all the measures that are a prerequisite for certification in line with the QM (quality management) system. That is why we also maintain and update the QM standard and introduce and implement the GMP standard (Good Manufacturing Practice). This is often chosen as the benchmark in the feed industry and is regularly subject to audits.

All of Ernst Rickermann Landhandel GmbH’s currently valid certificates are listed below.